Our Global Board

Open Christian Ministries is managed by the Board of Directors which ensures that all business activities comply with applicable local laws and agreed charitable goals and is responsible for overseeing and approving the financial plan of international programs. They are drawn from a broad area of ​​experience, including academia, ministry, strategy and business.

Prof. Dr. Sixbert Sangwa

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Placide Mutabazi

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Jean Bosco Muvunyi

Board Member

Executive Team

The Executive Team of Open Christian Ministries, currently headed by Prof. Dr. Sixbert SANGWA as the Chief Ministry Officer, oversees our work across countries to achieve our ambition: "A better and spiritual fulfilled daily life for Marketplace Christians ". We are committed to being open and responsible towards our supporters, partners, and above all, the Marketplace Christians.

Prof. Dr. Sixbert Sangwa

Chief Ministry Officer

Prof. Dr. Placide Mutabazi

Director of Christian Education

Dr. Jean Bosco Muvunyi

Director for Christian Charity

Prof. Dr. Zephanie RWAMAKUBA

Global Program Advisor

Country Representatives

The Open Christian Ministries' Country Directors are dedicated men and women of God, with a call to ministry and fulfilling the qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3: 1-12. They come from different areas of practice to run our country offices and oversee our ministerial activities in their respective countries.


Country Director - Rwanda

Method Moyo

Country Director - Zimbabwe

Apostle McDonald Marshall Kalilombe

Country Director - Malawi

Dr. Robert Muthama Muli

Country Director - Kenya

Rev.Dr. Humphrey Malipini

Country Director - Zambia

Rev. Dr. John Ayuk-Nchong Mbeng

Country Director - Cameroon

Rev. Emmanuel Eduful

Country Director - Ghana