Marketplace Chaplaincy

Our Chaplaincy services exist to share God’s love in the workplace by providing an employee care service through our Chaplain Teams.

How does it work?

We maintain a global database of qualified volunteer chaplains whom the Lord has called to serve the marketplace. Our chaplain team are either

[1] open-minded church ministers who go beyond the four walls of a church to make disciples or minister to those who can't even find the time to attend Sunday sermons; or

[2] marketplace ministers employed in different industries who sacrifice their free time to serve their brethren in the marketplace.

Chaplains come from different countries and places. They can be deployed to serve you/your company virtually or in-person depending on their availability. They are NOT paid but they know that they will be paid back by Him who called them. You should not worry about any motivational gift rather than your listening to God's love.

If you would like to offer chaplaincy care services as an added employee benefit, please browse our database to check available chaplains in your location, industry, and modes of service (virtual or in-person), then complete an application form. A member of our community will contact you to help you further. This service is available to all public and private employers.

Marketplace Chaplains’ care is confidential, neutral from company operations, and constitutes an optional benefit for employees. Our chaplains only perform front-line chaplain work. They are not required to do administrative duties, filling out paperwork, finding new chaplains or asked to help market the service to new companies—they are focused and dedicated to taking care of your employees, 24/7.

Why does it matter?

While we have improved communication more than ever, employees have fewer trusting relationships at present, they are highly mobile, do not live near their nuclear families, and will not bring sensitive personal issues to their supervisor, to HR or management.

Moreover, even if you set up a Christ-centered business, many employees find it hard to connect their spiritual walk with their work. They struggle with the Sacred-Secular Divide, with confusion around facts (science) and beliefs (religion). As a result, the gospel becomes only a bus ticket to heaven and, except for a few private religious moments, has minimal effect on how Christians live their lives at work. They have lost sight of work as God's primary means of prospering his creation (Gen. 1:28). They missed the opportunity to be salt and light in the public square and help shape the culture around them in a positive way [see this article).

Today more than ever Christians in the marketplace are [un]intentionally engaging in corrupt behavior such as bribery, fraud, conflict between co-workers and supervisors, etc. creating a bad working atmosphere, a subject of job dissatisfaction, stress, loss of business and eventually losing track of one's divine mission in the marketplace.

What will our chaplains help with?

Our chaplains are called to be helpers in the workplace. They are dedicated to supporting the emotional well-being of employees and their families by listening, praying, and verbally encouraging everyone. They have a heart for employees and understand the workplace as they have been there themselves facing different atmospheres. They provide individual, as well as immediate family, confidential chaplain discussions for problem issues including, but not limited to, marriage, divorce and remarriage, serious illness, death and grief recovery, parenting, care of aging parents, as well as any other personal issues. They are dedicated to supporting the emotional well-being of employees and their family members. At Company request, provide post-termination care for laid-off or terminated employees in order to foster a smooth transition to another work environment. Our chaplains help coordinate assistance for employees or immediate family members who require professional help with issues related to drug or alcohol dependency and/or psychiatric problems through outpatient or hospitalized care. They provide referral services and act as coordinators for specialized assistance to employees and/or immediate family members with specific needs.