Open Christian Ministries is a Christ-centered organization committed to promoting evangelism and discipleship in various business and professional workplaces. We aim to assist and enable professionals who is called to serve Jesus through their vocation.


A better and spiritual fulfilled daily life for Marketplace Christians


To foster the integration of biblical principles in business and professional affairs.

Our foundational belief is that everyone was created to serve a specific purpose in God’s ministry, not just through a four-wall church but also through various business and workplace appointments. We understood that people are special and unique, each one of us has a distinct calling, and destiny in God, therefore each one of us has a very specific role to play in God's divine purpose. God has planned a vocation for each of His children and He wants to empower us to fulfill His plans for our life. Whether He commissioned us into the church, business or professional workplace, God desires to share His plans and purposes with us so that we will be fully prepared and fully equipped to fulfill our destiny. It is very essential that Christians know God’s purpose for their lives since He never created us to wander around aimlessly through life. Each one of us is called to help build the Kingdom of God through our words and deeds.

How do we work?

We facilitate marketplace professionals, who bring their diverse expertise to a community, to disciple those around them through different programs. We work with professionals employed internationally in secular cross-cultural situations, focused primarily in the areas of Christian Education, Fellowship and Discipleship. The primary motivation and ministry is to make disciples and establish them in the local church where permissible, with emphasis on restricted or potentially restricted access.

OCM's Fundamental Concepts

We work in partnership with different Christian Universities and Colleges to train Christian Leaders. Those who feel a call to Ministry are ordained, after competing their ordination classes, and commissioned into marketplace Ministry. We believe, the workplace may be the Holy Spirit’s greatest arena of evangelism and discipleship in the 21st century. Could it be that God is calling The Open Christian Ministries to leadership in this work?