Development Intervention

OCM and Poverty

The first century church began to fight poverty right away. It was a church that knew and understood suffering since it was born of persecution. It never had the privilege of having an intimate relationship with the political powers of the time. The political powers of the day harassed and incarcerated members of the early church and even murdered their leaders. As it began to spread beyond Jerusalem into the Greco-Roman world, it had to tackle the poverty that prevailed among the growing number of faithful. Many converts who joined this church were without resources. The early church practiced a form of communalism, sharing its shelter (sheltering the homeless), wealth (from the sale of assets), food and clothing to meet the needs of those who belonged to its community (Acts 2:42 - 47).

Open Christian Ministries is passionate about developing a community spirit to ensure the well-being of everyone as an expression of their faith and love as a Christian community. We read in Acts 6: 1-8 that the faithful, of Hellenistic origin, complained of the negligence of their widows during the distribution of relief aid. Therefore, the negligence or discrimination against the poor should not belong to the nature of Christian community.

As the Apostle Paul encouraged churches to take responsibility for caring for the poor among them, OCM uses professional volunteers to develop a wide range of projects that basically aim for teaching church members to be productive so that they are not a burden to anyone, but work, doing something useful with their own hands to share with those who have been poor (Eph 4:28 ).​

OCM and Family

OCM has a heart for an integral family. With the support of professional Christian Volunteers, we find what to do against the growing number of divorces, early pregnancies in teenagers, and drug abuse in youth. If you have a heart for these, please apply to volunteer with us and offer a helping hand to suffering Brethren across the world.