Prof. Dr. Sixbert SANGWA

Prof. Dr. Sixbert SANGWA is a Rwandan bi-vocational Christian minister, Associate professor of Business and Bible Studies, fully committed to the integration of the Christian faith into business and professional affairs.

Sixbert has a solid background in NGOs, implementing a wide range of projects in the development and humanitarian sectors, with a particular focus on rebuilding hope for vulnerable people and displaced refugees. With passion for kingdom entrepreneurship, Sixbert is a high achiever with years of excellence in the business world.

In his proven solid experience promoting SMEs, he worked his way up to becoming a small business consultant and youth employability coach. He then parlayed his strategic business skills and extensive background in business development, into forming some kingdom ventures, including Open Christian University.

He is a man who never gives up and does what it takes. He is also down to earth and very personable. On the one hand, he believes that the future of employment belongs to social entrepreneurship, hence his interest in supporting community-led initiatives. However, he is concerned with the disconnect between faith and business, hence his continental mission to integrate faith and work.

Sixbert's research interests rest on general business management, open education and Christian affairs. He is also open to offering advisory support in the same areas.

Secular Education

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours in Rural Development and Agribusiness from the University of Rwanda, Rwanda (2015)

  • Master of Business Administration from University of South Wales, UK (2018)

  • Master of Arts in Online and Distance Education from The Open University, UK (2020)

  • Doctor of Business Administration from Business University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica (2021)

  • PhD in Entrepreneurship and Branding from Ballsbridge University , Dominica (2021)

Ministry Training

  • Bachelor of Divinity from Christian Leaders College, USA (2020)

  • Master of Ministry from Ballsbridge University, Dominica (2020)

  • Master of Theological Studies from Nations University , USA (2021)

  • Doctor of Christian Business Administration - DBA from Team Impact Christian University , USA (2020)

  • PhD in Religious Studies from Team Impact Christian University , USA (2020)


  • Honorary Doctor of Philosophy -PhD in Social & Humanitarian Studies by All Nations Bible Institution & Projects, 2022