Open Christan Ministries United Kingdom

Dr. Ibrahim Osman Sesay

Country Director - UK


The UK Country Office is part of the global Open Christian Ministries, contributing to the global ministry strategic plan. We are a team of Christians committed to revolutionizing ministry practices and thereby bridging the gap between church and marketplace, secular and religious.

We evangelize and discipline the marketplace to bring more souls to Jesus and strengthen disciples and encourage them to stay true to the faith wherever the Lord has placed them in ministry.

What we do

We have adopted the current technology to create Christian fellowship opportunities for lifelong learning and daily fullfilment of Marketplace Christians. Our team serve different businesses as marketplace chaplains and hold a series of virtual events to reach the unreached.

Our volunteers team are committed to training and empowering Christian Leaders to strengthen the local church. Similary, through our sister university, we aim to promote collaborative research in the field of Marketplace Ministry.

Furthermore, the organization maintains a public fund, known as the Christian Charity Fund, for the relief of people in need.

How to get involved

There many ways you can support our ministry. Our office offers a range of ongoing volunteer opportunities for you to contribute your efforts, skills, knowledge and resources.

You can apply to become a volunteer and determine for yourself what you want to do for the ministry during your volunteer time. Volunteers can choose to serve part-time, full-time, or on a special occasion, such moderating an event. Likewise, we offer a three-month internship for young Christians who want to gain ministry experience for effective ministry. Most of our roles are remote; i.e. you don't have to come to our office as long as you have internet access and a tech-enabled device.

You may also choose to donate money to contribute to public charity, register in our universal preacher database, or support us in any other way, as the Lord guides you.