The Marketplace Evangelical Network

We are a network of Evangelists, committed to using today's advances in cutting-edge technologies to evangelize the marketplace. We have decided to use the time we have left after our normal business and jobs for the ministry and to make ourselves readily available for service to the world. Our aim is to take the message of hope - the Gospel of Good News - to a needy and dying world. We believe that every mandate given by God can be achieved and that there are no problems too difficult for His power of the miracle.

The program gives evangelists the opportunity to teach, preach or speak about Christ through a variety of events organized by the OCM or its partners. Profiles of registered evangelists are also made available to the public so that they can be booked as guest speakers for special ministry such as lectures, conferences, workshops, webinars or sermons.

Note: We do not charge for our preaching/teaching and are completely discouraged from receiving any motivation or inducement of any kind. All of our evangelists are volunteers who dedicate their time, energy and resources in service to the world. While we welcome virtual ministry opportunities, our evangelists are free to attend any offline ministry at their own expense. Ministry is our responsibility and we do it within the limits of the abilities and resources the Lord has entrusted us.

Would you consider joining us?

Both Preaching and teaching are moving online since the emergence of the 21st century pandemic period. This is an opportunity to improve preaching and biblical teaching collaboration for ministries around the world. The marketplace evangelical network is creating a platform for both marketplace and church ministers who can volunteer to give remote guest lectures to the internet Christian community worldwide. We are looking for volunteer ministers to offer short ad-hoc online Bible preaching on their missional call area or as guided by the Lord.

How does this work?

Your name, area of missional calling and availability will be included in a database on our website. If they can use your contributions to their ministry, partner churches, Bible colleges and Christian organizations will invite you to deliver tailored preaching or teaching session on a topic relevant to their sermon, course and audience/staff.

There are no costs involved.

There is no obligation to agree to give a particular guest preaching. Marketplace Evangelical Network will make the bookings for all ministerial events, create advertising material for our social media and collect feedback from our stakeholders.

After you have filled this form, we will ask you to send us a 90 seconds home video where you briefly present your missional calling; i.e. the contribution that your life makes to God’s kingdom. Once approved and with your permission, the video and your profile will be uploaded to our website.

You can anticipate that you will be preaching and teaching the internet community, often dominated by young people. These are enthusiastic learners and future decision-makers. However, you are also free to accept any booking for any offline event.

Thank you for taking the time to share your passion and your missionary vocation and to help us carry the Gospel beyond borders. If you have any questions or for further information, please contact us at