Kenya Country Office

The Kenya Country Office is located in the surburb of Buruburu within Nairobi (one of the most influential cities in Africa). When you visit, our executive assistant will be happy to host you in even planning for mission projects with the Country Director and the national ministry team.

In addition to being a major center for African business and politics, Nairobi has hosts significant number of international businesses and organizations. The Kenya Office rejoices for being founded at the crux of Nairobi city. We are part of the global Open Christian Ministries, contributing to the global ministry strategic plan. We are a team of dedicated Christians committed to revolutionizing ministry practices and thereby bridging the gap between church and marketplace, secular and religious.

We have a leadership team that has been ordained into ministry by the Christian Leaders Alliance; together with our volunteers, we are committed to training and empowering Christian Leaders towards strengthening the local church.

As part of a church planting strategy, mission teams are designing a project aimed at assisting to construct houses for families in need. Local pastors are active in planning, identifying prioritised towns, and promise to follow-up on each project. The recipients of the houses are determined by the village, and are usually widows, women who have been abandoned by their husbands, or someone with a disability. Often, these families are unable to keep their houses up to safe, sanitary standards. The house-building project brings the community together for service to one of its members and exposes them to the Gospel through a house dedication service. These homes become part of the House Church Network; thus, our outreach team will follow up with a 12-week Bible study in these homes. The hope is that a church will start out of this, and several have.

We are also in the process of initiating Christian Medical Education as a collaborative initiative with nurses, empowering them to become missionaries even as health practitioners; the medical marketplace as a mission to villages in need. This is how we intend to bridge the gap between the secular and religious, by training nurses on Christian Business Administration.

Generally, we have adopted the current technology to create Christian fellowship opportunities for lifelong learning and daily fullfilment of Marketplace Christians. Our team serves different businesses as marketplace chaplains and hold a series of virtual events to reach the unchurched. Similary, through our sister university, we aim to promote collaborative research in the field of Marketplace Ministry and Christian Medical Education.

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The Kenya Country Office seeks individuals with a strong gospel-centered identity and a vision for cross-cultural ministry in an urban or rural environment. Potential team members should have a strong desire to disciple believers in the gospel.

We currently have a need for growth in the following areas: Christian Medical Education, Event Planning, Media Relations Team, Partner Liason Team and Fundraising Team. These are just the immediate growth areas, yet there many ways you can support our ministry. You can apply to become a volunteer and determine for yourself what you want to do for the ministry during your volunteer time. Volunteers can choose to serve part-time, full-time, or on a special occasion, such moderating an event. Likewise, we offer a three-month internship for young Christians who want to gain ministry experience for effective ministry. Most of our roles are remote; i.e. you don't have to come to our office as long as you have internet access and a tech-enabled device.

The organization maintains a public fund, known as the Christian Charity Fund, for the relief of people in need. You may also choose to donate money towards this public charity; otherwise register in our Kenya preacher database or even support us in any other way, as the Lord guides you.