Ministry Ordination

We know clearly that God is the only one who can truly ordain and set in place and unless He has first ordained, any man’s recognition is in vain. We see ministry as specific areas of service resulting from the divine call upon an individual’s life, which is recognized by the Body of Christ and confirmed by those in spiritual leadership.

If you are a Christian called into ministry, looking for free ministry training and want to be connected to a growing alliance of ordained Christian leaders, then OCM Ordination program can be for you. Open Christian Ministries partners with Christian Leaders Institute to provide ordination courses free of charge. Students who complete their ordination training at Christian Leaders Institute are ordained and commissioned into Marketplace mission by Open Christian Ministries.

If you wish to join our ministry, please start your free training at Christian Leaders Institute. Please note that we are only able to commission into OCM as Christian Leaders, if and only if they have been trained and ordained at least to the level of Deacon Minister. This ordination process is designed to help you have more competence, confidence, and credibility in your ministry. It brings the potential to be a life-changing journey that will launch your ministry impact! You take relevant classes at CLI by top-notch professors that prepare you for ministry. Your competence will expand. With this training, you will become more effective in your ministry. Your confidence will grow.

As you become more effective in your ministry those to whom you minister will recognize your role in their life. Your credibility will be established. CLI and OCM will guide you into legitimate ecuministry ordination. Once ordained, you will have more credibility for ministry. You may realize that you want to be commissioned into a specialized ministry role. Open Christian Ministries has developed specialized roles that require specific classes.

After completing your ordination class, you will receive free transcripts from CLI that are recognized by Open Christian Ministries for laying of hands (Ordination). After you are ordained, you will also receive free digital credentials from CLI and get recognized on the global ordination directory of Christian Leaders Alliance. You can purchase physical documents from either CLA or Open Christian Ministries that verify your ordination and/or your placement into a ministry role. The fees for these credential at OCM are very minimal and Open Christian Ministries issues these documents to you.

The physical documents include:

Ordination Certificate

Ordination ID Card

Clergy Parking Pass

Letter of Good Standing

The cost for the digital package is $5 and $25 for physical documents .

What is your calling? Are you called to leadership? Are you called to begin your ministry? Are you called to plant a church? Do you feel called to strengthen your own home and family in your relationship with God? No matter what you are called to do, ordination through Open Christian Ministries can help you on your ministry journey. By the time you complete your ordination, you will have a deeper understanding of God’s word, the history of the church, and practical steps to building a ministry.