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The Open Christian Ministries use a volunteer model to advance the Lord's mission. We seek candidates who are passionate about the marketplace Ministry and teaching God's people how to do work/business as a mission and to live out Christianity even in various secular environments. Ideal candidates are aligned with the OCM Mission and biblical stand. If you don't see any open role or feel you can help the ministry with a special commitment, please reach out to us through careers@openchristianministries.org

Country Director (Various Countries)

Location: As designated (Different Countries)

Category: National

Level: NPO

Duration: 2 Years

Supervisor/Report to: Chief Ministry Officer

Job type: Voluntary Service (VS) Part-Time,


Open Christian Ministries is a Christ-centered organization committed to promoting evangelism and discipleship in various business and professional workplaces. We aim to help Christians integrate the Christian faith into all business and professional work affairs.


A better and spiritual fulfilled daily life for Marketplace Christians


To assist and enable a professional who is called to serve Jesus through their vocation.


(A) Formulation and articulation of the vision and strategies for the OCM’s engagement at the country level:

  • Articulates and actively communicate a credible and convincing strategic vision for the OCM at the country-level which is consistent with OCM’s values and Global Strategic priorities;

  • Positions the OCM as a key leader in the field of marketplace ministry and introduce integrated services as a platform to promote marketplace ministry and improve the ministry status;

  • Continuously assesses the socio-economic situation and trends in the country to ensure that OCM’s support, charity programmes, and services are relevant and responsive to emerging ministry priorities and needs;

  • Leads the OCM in the strategic design and application of OCM’s policy and programmatic offer, operational capabilities, and partnership mechanisms, which are aligned to national priorities;

  • Determines the strategic focus and allocation of resources in consultation with the Government, international partners and other constituents;

  • Leads the identification of innovative approaches and modalities of the OCM programme to achieve planned targets through different modalities which facilitate partnership building, engagement of diverse stakeholders, innovative solutions, and external communication;

  • Oversees the creation of an enabling environment for safe programme delivery and business continuity.

(B) Represents the OCM, and leads partnership building and resource mobilization:

  • Represents the OCM in national fora, and represents the organization in its engagement with the government, and with other national and international stakeholders engaged in ministry;

  • Leads the OCM’s approach to building and deepening partnerships, engaging diverse stakeholders, and external communication to ensure that OCM’s value-added and results are visible externally;

  • Assumes responsibility for designing and driving the partnerships, resource mobilization, marketing and external communications strategy at country level, and for directly engaging local partners, resulting in concrete contributions to results and enhanced financing for the marketplace ministry in the Country;

  • Anchors advocacy activities, information-sharing, and relationship management with the aim of keeping the public well informed of OCM activities, while fostering strategic partnerships with the Government, local churches, private sector, NGOs, community-based organization and the media;

  • Strengthens OCM’s visibility with potential stakeholders through conventional media as well as digital and social media channels and provides efficient communication to all partners in relation to activities and projects implementation;

  • Ensures that common services and joint arrangements benefit OCM in its objective to provide efficient and cost-effective support services to the implementation of the country programme.

(C) Strategic guidance and oversight of the overall management of the OCM activities to ensure efficiency and adherence to organizational policies and procedures:

  • Oversees the effective design and management of a focused, coherent, cost-effective and high impact portfolio of OCM projects and activities;

  • Provides strategic guidance and oversight of locally-administered assistants, financial resources, and general administration;

  • Identification of risks and implementation of a risk management strategy.

(D) Coordination and communications duties:

  • Assist in increasing national marketplace ministry groups/Associations accreditation at the OCM;

  • Maintain active communication among marketplace ministry groups and other interested entities at the national level;

  • Report ministry achievements, success stories, and related news to HQ press;

  • Provide annual reports about OCM country activities, stats, and affiliated organizations.

(E) Country Team Leadership:

  • The Representative is responsible for establishing and leading the OCM Country Team (OCMCT) to serve as a cooperative and interactive unit. Team development and leadership is therefore an important component of the OCMCT, as they will be responsible for the facilitation of OCM activities at the country level.


Core Competencies provide the foundation of the framework, describing behaviors expected from the OCM staff, while Functional Competencies reflects the job complexity and level of responsibility for the Representative job.

  • Lead (Level-2): Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act as a team towards achieving a common goal.

  • Design (Level-2): Ability to recognize what changes are required and create a path for improvement using existing knowledge, problem-solving skills, creativity and original ways of working.

  • Empower (Level-2): Empowerment is a practice of giving team members skills, authority, opportunity and motivation so that they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve performance.

  • Mobilize (Level-2): Ability to identify resources and activities that individuals and organizations will undertake to support the OCM’s strategic goals and objectives. Engage and influence appropriate donors by building win-win relationships.

  • Inspire (Level-2): Inspiration and lead by example is about energizing and creating a sense of direction and purpose in others, unlocking motivation and momentum for positive change

Functional Competencies

  • Ability to lead strategic planning, results-based management and reporting;

  • Ability to lead and manage corporate strategic initiatives, projects and programmes;

  • Excellent communications, computer, internet, social media and information system skills


  • Only (25 and above) age is accepted for this position;

  • Be a citizen of the assigned country;

  • Be a resident of his/her home country;

  • Be actively engaged in Christian ministry;

  • Highly interested in Marketplace Ministry

Skills Required For Position

  • Ability to interact cordially and communicate with a diverse community;

  • Effective oral and written communication skills;

  • Ability to assess and evaluate situations quickly, accurately and effectively.


Experience and results preferred at the national level in Christian Ministry role, development, communications, international relations, religious studies, Christian empowerment, religious organizations or another relevant field.


Fluency in English with superior drafting skills is essential.

How to apply

Please email your cover letter along with your resume/CV and any other supporting documents to careers@openchristianministries.org Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Online Ministry Intern

The OCM Internship Program provides opportunities for Ministers who are inspired by the ideas and work of the Open Christian Ministries (OCM) to gain professional skills working on OCM’s projects and a substantive learning experience on OCM’s core ideas. Projects are designed to enhance each student’s specific academic/ministry background and interests. The Online Internships lasts for about 3 months, while internees are on campus or at home, and gives them the opportunity to gain first-hand training and experience in online event management, blog writing and OCM representation. Interns receive mentorship and training from OCM staff members. Additionally, OMC welcomes specialized online applicants for marketing, social media, and graphic design support.

The ideal candidates possess a strong desire to minister to the world while making a positive impact on society. Candidates must possess a technology device and internet allowing them to work online. They must be proactive, self-driven, resourceful, detail-oriented, and humble individuals with a willingness to learn.

What’s in it for you?

a) Introductory Training: Undergo OCM’s Certified Marketplace Ministry Training (CMT) and learn about Christianity in the Secular Environment.

b) Project Management: Work on projects suited to your interests and strengths under the supervision of OCM staff.

c) Network Building: Attend different events and meet new contacts as you represent OCM in various occasions.


Batch 1: Jan 11 - April 10, with application deadline of December 15

Batch 2: May 11 - August 10, with application deadline of April 15

Batch 3: September 11-December 10,with application deadline August 15


There is a standard application process for the OCM Internship Program. Before you apply, we strongly encourage you to browse through our website to learn more about the organization and to see if our programs are the right fit for you.

IMPORTANT: Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Application Requirements

  1. Completed Internship Application Form

  2. Resumé or Curriculum Vitae

  3. One letters of recommendation, preferably from your school or local church

You will receive a confirmation receipt via email within a few days of the internship application deadline only if your application is complete. If your application satisfies the criteria for selection, someone from our internship committee will contact you to arrange an interview.

Start a Marketplace Chapel

Marcketplace Chapels are driven by the initiatives of Christians like you who put your passion for human salvation. A Chapel is an officially approved local/virtual prayer and worship center of OCM members who volunteer to manage various activities in support of marketplace Christians to further the OCM mission. Interested OCM members may start any one of the different Chapel types, namely:

  • Market/Workplace Chapel

  • High School or campus Chapel

  • City, State or Provincial Chapel

  • Local Church Chapel

Believers wishing to start an OCM Chapel should be:

  1. Members of Open Christian Ministries,

  2. Trained and Certified for Marketplace Ministry;

  3. Ordained as at least Deacon level Ministers

  4. Fulfilling requirements of Christian Leaders listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-12

Many of interested Christians can apply to represent Open Christian Ministries in their corresponding regions (Mostly Districts and Sectors). Any believers is passionate to make a difference in the impacting their community for Christ, are eligible to apply to the OCM Representative. Please note that this opportunity is only for born again Christians, ordained by OCM , at least to the level of Deacon and fulfilling the Christian Leaders qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3: 1 - 12

If you would like to launch or contact a Chapel or National Committee, kindly contact your country director or our HQ Office at info@openchristianministries.org

Online Ministry Volunteer

There has been an increasing use of technology and ownership of mobile devices that enable people to network through internet. Many use the web 2. tools such as blog and social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Christian evangelists should not distance themselves from these tools, but rather use them to reach many people for Christ.

If you are an internet-friendly Christian with good networking skills and a strong commitment to the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 16-20), this is a gift you can use to reach other online personalities for Christ. This opportunity does not have an age limit. If you believe in our obligation to spread the Gospel across all nations, you can apply to be a recognized online volunteer from anywhere you are on the globe.​

The key benefit of being an OCM Volunteer is the personal satisfaction it brings as you make a positive impact on people's lives. It also leads to a unique enhancement of your professional experience.